Facebook has evolved into one amongst the most popular social networking web site within the world. It’s a gathering spot, to attach together with your friends. Facebook permits you to create new connections WHO share a typical interest, increasing your personal network. In addition, users will be part of networks organized by town, workplace, school, and region.

Facebook is pretty awing; however it’s off from excellent. Over once, I’ve detected complaints regarding a number of Facebook’s technical aspects. Sadly, Facebook is not open-sourced, therefore users cannot modification something themselves - or will they?

By exploitation easy items of JavaScript code, or by applying Firefox Grease monkey user scripts, users will modification the looks and workings of Facebook themselves.

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Before that there square measure a pair of things that you just can ought to do. The primary issue is to put in Firefox. Afterward install Grease monkey.

Automated Login: If you are feeling lazy to kind in your personal information anytime, this may be the tool that you just will probe for. By putting in this you’ll lay aside some time & you’ll be logged in to your account/profile automatically!

Account/Profile color customization: be happy to customize the color that you just like add it to your account/profile.